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Please request a quote: The starting price is $400

Everything is made from scratch, wood, handpainted. Read Q/A below.


Introducing our latest product, the fully customized and personalized Uniform Shadow box that exudes top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Custom Uniform Shadowbox is the perfect way to display your military, fire, or police uniform with pride. This personalized shadowbox features 3D wood ranks, insignias, patches, awards, and other logos, all hand-painted for an eye-catching display.


Everything is included: plexiglass, felt, flags, etc., making it easy to showcase your uniform and all its accessories. This highly customizable product even allows you to add a wood or metal wording plate to truly personalize your display. With all being created from scratch, box, frame, logos, ranks, est. This shadowbox is built to impress, and its top-notch craftsmanship ensures that every detail is perfect.


Flag boxes are optional. This is a fully custom piece, and we can create it in any way you'd like.

Shape, Size, Color, Style, est.


Please be advised that we will create this from scratch. We will need your uniform and any original items you want inside your box. You can mail it to us or drop them off at our location.


We require a deposit, and then after we receive all your information on what you want, we provide a full quote.


Uniform Shadow Box FAQ.


1. What do Trigon creations need from me?

Please send us just the Uniform Top and any original items you want us to put inside. For example, if you have an Audie Murphy Medal or items you cherish the most.


2. What items do TRIGON Creations make?

The whole box, frame, and everything else we make, all ranks, insignias, patches, logos, est. These are all made out of wood and hand-painted. Handcrafted, we use quality materials.


3. Why do you make the ranks, awards, and patches out of wood?

Because original pins and ranks are small and this shadowbox is large, you will have so much empty space inside your box that items might not show as well. Also, we want to showcase your achievements, not hide them. Also, if you do the math, pins, ranks, and patches are costly, so we are already saving you some money.


4. What is included in the price?

Everything mentioned above, plus 2 flags, a felt, a metal wording plate, a wood wording plaquer, and all other materials needed. Don't forget our time.


5. Can this be fully customized?

Yes, it already is. Depending on what you want framed, it can also be smaller or bigger. We can remove the flag area, change the shape and color, etc.


6. Do you do concept art before you create the shadow box?

Yes, we always do concept digital art for any item. We show you what the piece will look like, and then when you approve, we make it.


To best provide you with your price, request a quote, as your shadow box pricing depends on size and customization. Each uniform size is different. Remember, every piece is individualized and different.


Shipping is not included in the price due to variations in size and weight. This is determined after the completion of the shadow box and is ready for shipping.


The turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Uniform Shadow box fully wooden customized and personalized.

  • The current processing time is 4 to 6 weeks after you approve the desing. We will do our best to get your orders processed and shipped immediately. Creating a wood piece takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the piece, size, how many orders are ahead of yours, and detail work. We offer rush orders that bring the time frame to 2 - 3 weeks, putting you at the top of the list. 

    TRIGON Creations cannot control postal delivery delays once your items have been shipped. TRIGON Creations is not responsible for shipping delays, mis-deliveries, damages, or packages lost in transit.  

    Local Pick-Up is AVAILABLE! If you are local and want to save money on shipping, choose the local pick-up option instead of shipping at 'checkout.' TRIGON Creations will email you to arrange a 'pick-up' appointment at a location.

    CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES: Please email to discuss what you want to order. We will be able to pre-pack, weigh, and give the exact total for the cost of shipping before you place your order.

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